Alex Westendorp MeerVR virtual reality aframe

MeerVR Garden Experience

MeerVR is a learning experience made in virtual reality to teach people the simple basics about gardening. We started this project sketching a plan of what the user would do and learn on the website, then we built the website using html, javascript, jQuery and aframe. To make the word come alive more we added 3D models we made ourselves using the 3D modelling software blender To assure that users had a good experience on the website we used the google cardboard design rules and added our own use cases on the go.

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Hi, I am

Alex Westendorp

Web and app developer with a passion.



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About me

My name is Alex Westendorp. I am a web and app developer and computer science student specialized in Media Technologies/ interaction technologies at the University of applied sciences Leiden (also knows as Hogeschool Leiden). I am years old and currently live in The Hague in The Netherlands.

In my free time I love to read, watch movies and series, do some nature and landscape photography, play video games, drink some craftbeer with friends and play boardgames with them. I love to explore the world, learn from my surroundings and find new places and people. I recently also started restoring broken video game consoles for fun.

I'm currently working in IT Support at TransIP but also have experience building (android) apps, games and IoT projects.Building websites and apps is my passion. If you want to know more about my (other) work experiences please check out my LinkedIn.